Digitalization in flexible packaging

First in Hungary to utilize
digital printing for flexible packaging using
HP Indigo 20000 digital press


Our company was founded in 2015 as a new branch of the Sipos Group.

Taking pains to learn through customer feedback we set our sights on implementing digital printing technology.

For businesses requiring packaging in small batches with many variations as soon as possible – we’ve got the solution!

The potentials of digital printing allows us to deliberate in conjunction with our customers on packaging personalization, realizing small production runs in order to optimize both energy and costs.

Printing Technologies

01 01


Custom-made quick, adaptable packaging with exceptional quality

  • HP Indigo 20000 technology
  • 740 mm wide printing
  • CMYK + pantone direct colors
  • No cliché required

02 02


Economical mass production with reliable quality.

  • W&H Novoflex technology
  • 900 mm wide printing
  • 8 color
  • Requires cliche