Production of flexible packaging – in consideration of the customers needs and of the advantages of the flexo-technology.

We are committed to the manufacturing of high quality packaging materials which meet the requirements of our partners to a maximum degree. Our products are exclusively made from base and auxiliary materials representing excellent quality and purchased from reliable sources only.

Our services


8-colour Flexoprint up to 1020 mm


Laminating up to 1300 mm, coating with and without solvents, hot-bonding coating


Cutting up to 1300 mm

Custom packaging

Aluminum embossing

Special use of our packaging materials

  • Packaging of spices, coffee-, soup-, ice cream powder
  • Packaging of confectionery products
  • Packaging of liquid products (sauces, honey etc.), aroma-tight
  • MAP film for food packaging in trays
  • Cling foil (also perforated) for packaging of fresh food products
  • Packaging of frozen products
  • Packaging material for blister-packaging of pharmaceutical products
  • Packaging of hygienic products
  • Packaging of detergents
  • Packaging of chemicals, spraying agents
  • Packaging of animal food

Requirements for food packaging

élelmiszertechnikai csomagolásThe primary objective of food packaging is to preserve the quality of the product, from its production to consumption.

The purpose of the packaging is to protect the product against environmental influences (e.g.  heat, mechanical damage) and, on the other hand to protect the environment from the product (e.g. leakage). Another important aspect, and typical for food packaging is, that the packaging must not contaminate the product. If the packaging or any part of it changes, disperses or melts on the product, this can lead to serious health problems.

Food packaging has another important function: they carry information. In Hungary all ingredients have to be indicated on the food packaging in Hungarian language. The packaging also shows the filling quantity and information regarding the energy content.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in connection with professional and regular food packaging. Our colleagues will be happy to assist you!

Packaging of confectionery products: Work with us!

Édesipari termékek csomagolása: Bízzon meg minket!Everyone likes sweets. When it comes to a piece of chocolate or a bag of colorful sweets – there is no need for a lot of offering. However, packaging is not only necessary for selling the product.

The confectionery packaging is necessary as the producer indicates the ingredients of the respective product on it, as well as the name and place of origin. The packaging also contains important information regarding allergens.

The confectionery packaging is, of course, to attract the customers’ attention and to present the content as an attractive, irresistible and indispensable product. It is not easy to score on a shelf full of sweets. The customer decides based on the packaging, it is the first impression he gets about the product, it has to be convincing.

Finally, the packaging means also protection; it protects the confectionery products from damage and contamination.

Contact us via the contact data given below and order your confectionery packaging from us!

Our packaging materials

Packaging of spices, coffee-, soup- and ice cream powder

Packaging material: multilayer aroma-, light- and moisture-proof film, for longer shelf life of the products

Material type: PP+PET+PE

Prefabricated: paper+PE+ALU+PE

Packaging of confectionery products

Packaging material: Foils provided with cold-bonding varnish, aroma- and light-proof for long-term preservation of product freshness

Material type: PET+PP, PP (natural+metallized), ALU

Packaging of ready-to-serve meals in trays

Packaging material: tray – protective film packaging, suitable for storage and transport of ready-to-serve meals

Material type: ALU

Packaging of meat products

Packaging material: packaging of meat products in PP, ester trays, protective gas suitable films, aroma protection, anti-fog and UV-resistant

Material type: PET+Flexobar

Packaging of cream, yoghurt

Packaging material: cup foil lid for perfect seal and easy opening

Material type: ALU

Packaging of frozen food and other food

Packaging material: suitable for automatic and individual packaging, tear and puncture resistant films, even at low temperatures

Material type: PE, PE+PE, PET+PE, PET+ALU+PE, PP+PE, PEEL, PET+ALU+Flexobar (anti-fog, UV-stable)

Individual packaging of pharmaceutical products

Packaging material: cover foil (blister) with hard aluminum layer for individual packaging of drugs

Material type: ALU

Packaging of detergents

Packaging material: weldable packaging material with thick base material, resistant to chemical and physical strain

Material type: PE+PE

Packaging of chemicals, spraying agents

Packaging material: packaging material resistant to chemical and physical strain, which ensures safe storage and transport of the content until use.

Material type: prefabricated paper + ALU+PE, PP+ALU+PE


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